When an incident occurs, security and fraud investigators go to work. They must be able to rely on innovative security tools that allow them to swiftly locate and analyze the information needed to determine the proper resolution. Financial institutions require intuitive platforms that can be leveraged at a moment’s notice and across multiple departments.

Partnered with Convergint Technologies, Verint can implement a solution called Video Investigator to achieve this level of efficiency. The video management system uses enhanced functionality to simplify and streamline fraud investigations and security processes, empowering users to make the most of their time. Video Investigator can positively impact your branch in several ways: 

  • Time savings – Video management solutions are valuable in helping to reduce the time it takes to access live and recorded video. Investigators rapidly complete investigations and focus more on reducing fraud and loss rather than using the system.

  • Increased collaboration – Investigators can quickly and easily share video with multiple stakeholders, including internal or external partners and law enforcement agencies. Within the branch, the solution isn’t confined to one area. A variety of departments can leverage the power of video surveillance, which doesn’t require a video “expert” to navigate.

  • Enhanced user experience –  Innovative technologies are designed to be intuitive and are built on a simplified user interface that incorporates easy-to-use controls and a modern design. This empowers operators to seamlessly perform tasks, make more informed decisions, and align workflow. Security leaders can also see how the most critical or impactful cases are being handled and how these issues contribute to overall risk management.

  • Reduced training requirements – Financial institutions can avoid significant (and complicated) new employee training with intuitive, intelligent platforms. This approach eases training requirements and facilitates a smooth transition for new users, allowing them to get up to speed in minutes and delivering substantial ROI to the organization. 

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Technology solutions are a crucial component of a financial institution’s security strategy, but they shouldn’t force investigators to waste time when it comes to addressing today’s threats and vulnerabilities. As a forward-thinking organization, look for solutions that provide the timely insight needed to lower the investigation threshold and help reduce fraud loss. 

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