Convergint Technologies updated the National Bank of Commerce’s security system, streamlining its analog systems within the bank’s six branches and operations center. With the upgrade, the bank gained efficiency and the ability to provide useful information to law enforcement and community members. This project was recently profiled by Claire Meyer, Managing Editor of Security Magazine, in her recent piece, “The Community Value of Surveillance.”

Article Highlights 

Troy Lambert Head Shot

Troy Lambert, Vice President and e-Services Director, National Bank of Commerce

Troy Lambert, Vice President and eServices Director for the National Bank of Commerce, partnered with Convergint to deploy around 300 IP cameras throughout all of the branches and implement a Verint EdgeVMS. Administrators can view live and recorded video from their desktops. Cameras provide redundant coverage throughout the banks and even down the street to see potential risks approaching and to expand the perimeter of awareness.

“As a community bank, we’re often the late-majority adopters to technology, and we wanted to change that internally in the products and services we give our customers. We wanted to be early adopters.” 

“People who are coming to work at National Bank of Commerce want to feel a sense of security. People walking into a bank to rob it are not the same bank robbers who were in the world 30 years ago. Typically they are individuals who are on some sort of drug dependency; they are looking for money for that quick fix; they might have some sort of mental issues…. [With the new system] employees know that somebody’s not going to be able to get away with it. That’s huge.”

“It’s funny how quickly word spread throughout the community and throughout law enforcement agencies that we have a serious system over at National Bank of Commerce. It’s not something we’ve advertised; it’s just one of those subtle things that we can use to help our community.”

“We just passed the one-year mark since we implemented the system, and it has paid dividends for us in so many ways. We were able to provide closure on different crimes, not only for us but for surrounding businesses. We were able to provide surveillance footage of traffic accidents and hit-and-runs to our law enforcement. Before our system was in place, these incidents could have potentially been unsolvable. The fact that we can be an asset to the community, that we can be valuable, speaks to who we are.”